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Storms and Sunsets


I got a note this evening from a friend and he signed off "enjoy your Texas sunset".  Of course, this made me look out my window ...lo and behold...this is what I saw.   This is Texas, folks.  This is the heart of Texas when a storm is rolling in at sunset.  Pretty dramatic, huh?  For you Texans...there is an upside to all the rain we've been getting.  I got a first hand report today that the bluebonnets are the best ever, and here in the Hill Country they will peak over the next two weeks.  I will make it out to the Willow City Loop as soon as the sun comes out again.  Those fields of blue carry me from Spring to Spring...they're just breathtaking!  If I get a good picture I will post.  See, I will not always keep us up in the clouds here.  As time goes on I will introduce you to this charming small German town I am calling home, and the lovely hills that surround.  Come on back now, y'all.

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Kayde--you are fantastic--beautiful picture of the sunset & the clouds!!!
April 5, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterMom

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